Epson debuut voor DJet printsysteem op Drupa

Epson debuut voor DJet printsysteem op Drupa

Epson toont het 44-inch breedbeeld, DJet dubbelzijdig printsysteem met twee Epson SureColor SC-T7200 printers voor de eerste keer op drupa (31 mei -10 juni 2016 in hal 5 / stand A01). Het DJet systeem is ontwikkeld door de Zwitserse firma Digital Information en kan ook worden geconfigureerd met de nieuwe 10-kleuren SureColor SC-P10000 printers - afhankelijk van de behoeften van de gebruikers. Het systeem is ontworpen voor een ultrasnelle productie van dubbelzijdige impositieproefdrukken - in 4-up (B2) en 8-up (B1) formaten - en een zuinige productie van kleine oplagen zoals grafische afbeeldingen, folders

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Epson debut for DJet imposed print system at Drupa

Integrates two new Epson aqueous printers for high-quality, double-sided B1 proofing, display graphics and brochures

6 June 2016 - Epson demonstrates the 44-inch wide DJet double-sided printing system incorporating two Epson SureColor SC-T7200 printers for the first time at drupa (31st May-10th June 2016 in Hall 5/Stand A01). The DJet system has been developed by Swiss firm Digital Information and can also be configured with the new 10-colour SureColor SC-P10000 printers - depending on users’ needs. The system has been designed for the ultra-fast production of double-sided imposition proofs - in 4-up (B2) and 8-up (B1) formats - and the economical production of short-run items such as display graphics, leaflets and brochures.

The DJet links pairs of Epson SC-T printers in sequence but offset by 180° so that each prints one side of the uncut roll. Designed with minimum mechanical parts for greatest reliability and ease of operation, the DJet system includes a paper buffer loop between the two printers. Custom-developed control software adds identification and positioning codes to each job. These are read by video cameras and processed by the control software to confirm the alignment for the ‘back’ side of the printed roll. The system continuously registers the position of the printed paper, ensuring high precision front-to-back registration. Printed jobs can then be cut and folded as required to present a virtually finished book or brochure with correct pagination, or used as finished print for double-sided display material and similar applications. The DJet control software also supports common and proprietary bitmap as well as Epson file formats from a variety of leading prepress workflows and rips. Both imposed page proofs and brochure production will be demonstrated at drupa.

“The DJet is a smart and versatile system which unites Epson print quality and performance with Digital Information’s engineering and imposition control,” says Marc Boehmer, Epson Europe. “It gives users the flexibility to produce accurately imposed, double-sided, multi-page proofs as well as the ability to produce a range of quality printed products with low overall cost of ownership and fast return on investment.”