Epson launches Signature Worthy Media

High-quality media builds on Epson’s Digigraphie credentials

Epson launches Signature Worthy Media

Building on the success of its quality-assured Digigraphie print solution, and responding to its customers’ requirements for a dedicated, high-quality fine art and photography media range, Epson has launched its Signature Worthy brand; a way for users to clearly identify the products in its premium media line-up.

The Signature Worthy range will include Epson’s highest-quality cut-sheet media products that enable the best possible print results for artists and photographers alike.  When used in combination with Epson’s Stylus Pro print technologies and UltraChrome inks, the Signature Worthy media will deliver Digigraphie-approved results allowing fine art and photographic artists to produce limited, certified editions of their original works, as well as guaranteeing exceptional image quality and durability.

Marco van Niekerk, senior product manager, Epson, said: “Launching the Signature Worthy brand is an important step for Epson as it will allow our customers and end users to more easily identify our premium media.  These media options, as part of the Digigraphie solution, enable artists and photographers to add value to their limited edition prints, so it’s vital that they are accurately identified and used to their best advantage.

“We have a reputation for our image quality and Digigraphie capabilities and are confident that the new Signature Worthy brand will help reinforce our position as a leader in high-quality photographic and fine art image reproduction.”