Diamant Liège guarantees crystal-clear presentations thanks to Epson

Diamant Liège guarantees crystal-clear presentations thanks to Epson

Diamant Liège provides bright rooms with plenty of natural light, and required a technological solution which offered clear digital projection with no loss of daylight. Epson’s projectors allowed ICT partner Etilux to exceed all the requirements, with the added benefit of ease of use and the seamless integration of two projectors on a single screen.   

Diamant Liège is a well-known business & conference centre in the centre of Liège. It provides organisations with office space as well as the perfect infrastructure for organising conferences and events. The conference room consists of seven modular rooms with natural light, covering a total area of 1000 m2. Together with professional support and catering services, Diamant Liège offers event solutions for four to 300 people.

Challenge: crystal-clear presentations in bright daylight

Diamant Liège positions itself as a high-tech conference centre, offering sophisticated technological solutions for conferences and events. This includes the ability to give presentations with crystal-clear and legible projection, without the need to close all the blinds. “Our meeting rooms have large windows so they get a lot of natural light, which makes meetings much more pleasant. We needed a solution which did not require us to keep shutting out the daylight,” says Benoit De Smedt, site manager at Diamant Liège, “and we also needed projectors which worked together perfectly, allowing us to guarantee one large and seamless image.” 

Diamant Liège also wanted a solution which was easy to operate, continues Benoit De Smedt: “After all, the people who use our projection infrastructure are also our end clients. They don't use this infrastructure every day, so the functionality must be both powerful and user-friendly. And for our own technical staff, simple management was another important criterion. It's a long wish list, I know.”

Solution: smooth installation of reliable equipment

Diamant Liège consulted its ICT partner Etilux, which immediately identified the perfect solution in the Epson product range. Philippe Pauly, sales & technical executive at Etilux, explains: “We were looking for two projectors with outstanding colour quality and a high contrast, which were easy to move and offered very precise ‘edge blending’ and lens shift. And as the equipment is actually in the rooms, it couldn't be too noisy either.”
For this reason, they opted for Epson’s EB-Z9000 range which satisfies all these criteria perfectly. “In order to validate this choice, we carried out a ‘life-sized’ test in our own room using two EB-Z9750 projectors and image edge blending on an eight metre surface. I have to say that the result was perfect,” comments Philippe Pauly.

The total of four projectors were also installed extremely smoothly, partly thanks to automation systems such as AMX and EXTRON. “We use these tools on a regular basis, which is one of the many reasons we like working with Epson. Another is the confidence generated by the brand. I was given the opportunity to experience the production of these projectors live in Asia. Each projector undergoes individual testing, on the basis of several criteria, before it is shipped. This kind of exceptional quality control is extremely reassuring for us in our capacity as an integrator.”    

Result: clarity, ease of use and stability

The new installation satisfies all the expectations of Diamant Liège, confirms Benoit De Smedt: “The promised clarity and legibility, even in bright daylight, have been delivered in full. Our clients are also delighted with the user-friendliness of the projection system and the seamless integration of two projectors on a single screen.” The Diamant Liège staff who are responsible for the management and maintenance of the equipment are also very impressed with the system's stability and the ease with which everything can be managed, monitored and coordinated. This also makes the life of site manager Benoit De Smedt much easier: “If everything worked this well, I would be out of a job,” he laughs.